Why walk straight, when you can walk sideways?

Ok so this is where I’m meant to ramble about me, to be honest this one of my favourite subjects ,I do like me ……. Well most of the time I do anyway.

So despite what many people think I am actually a man, ok I may wear make up on occasions and I love fashion, shopping is my favourite pass time, but I am a man just a tiny little bit girly at times.

Right so here’s the gist of it, I originally started this blog to document my final year of my twenties and all those fandabbydozey things I was going to do with my final year. Unfortunately this didn’t happen for me, well my final year of my twenties happened obviously, but the fandabbydozey things, they didn’t happen.  What happened was I somehow lost 6 stone , temporally lost the sight in my left eye and in one foul swoop a portion of my brain decided to go walkabout. Wow what a year?

So now I’m the wrong side of thirty and attempting to get myself back on track, and now here’s the treat for whoever is bored enough to read my blog, because I’m dragging you all along for the ride! It could get a little bumpy though.

My ups my downs will be here to see, my mistakes, my accidents and my adventures will be documented.

Its time to live and live I shall, enjoy me making a tit of myself


Happy reading

21 thoughts on “Why walk straight, when you can walk sideways?

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  1. you got me! I’m on the wrong side of 60, and walking sideways south of the border…going back in 2 mos to stay for 4.

  2. As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” My translation is “You can’t write this S—!” But obviously you can. Everybody’s journey is a bit different, but no less important. Good luck on your journey.

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