48 Hours in Copenhagen

Our travels continued with a trip to Copenhagen, the only problem was we only had two days so we had lots to fit in!

Now normally when me and Steph go on one our trips we spend weeks researching it so when we do arrive we have some kind of plan in mind, but with both our jobs taking up most of our time beforehand we were going into Copenhagen a little blind. Luckily for us one of our favourite travel bloggers (wanderlustplusone) had been before and with a quick message to them and a prompt response back to us with some very handy tips we now sort of had a plan. Now it was time for our trip to begin.

We arrived mid morning in one of the most efficient airports we had ever been to and in no time we jumping into the back of a taxi one the way to our apartment. After a short taxi ride with the most polite taxi driver I have ever met, we arrived at the apartment and after a quick show around by the owner we were ready to do some exploring. Now wanderlustplusone had recommended we hire bikes to get around the city but with me being partially blind in one eye I was apprehensive about riding a bike (for obvious reasons!) but when the owner of the apartment informed us they had bikes we could use for free we decided to throw caution to the wind and give it go. With our bikes unlocked I checked the map and to my horror I suddenly realised we had been mis sold on our apartment! When we booked or shall I say Steph booked we were told the apartment was a mere 15 minute walk from the city centre, but with a quick check of google maps I discovered we were over two miles away! Now me and Steph can get a wriggle on when we walk especially when we get the wind behind us but two miles in 15 minutes…… Really?! Not one to be easily deterred I confidently  declared to Steph to follow me because I knew the way. Even though I did kind of know the way I did get a little confused with my left and right when we set off which in turn led to us riding two miles in the wrong direction… So now we were 4 miles away from town! To top it all off the brakes on my bike were not performing like brakes should i.e. not stopping me…… Anyway with me being blind and brave we turned the bikes around and made our way into town.

Apart from accidentially running a couple of red lights and on one occasion ramming my bike into the curb to do an emergency stop the journey progressed well, it was getting busier so we knew we were heading in the right direction. With a mile or so to go my backside was killing me and with it getting busier I was starting to get a little nervous as bikes were just appearing from nowhere. Then we saw a park and I made a snap decision to pull in have a rest and get our bearings. Here we found a bench over looking the water where we sat and soaked up the beautiful city we were in. As we rested we noticed in the distance a gorgeous looking church and the more we looked at it the more familiar it became until I suddenly I realised this was the church that Wanderlustplusone had recommended to us! Knowing we had only found this park by blind luck we decided to make our to the church and save the town centre visit for tomorrow.IMG_2491

Back on our bikes we pointed ourselves towards Church Of Our Saviour and weaved our way through the park and back onto the streets of Copenhagen. We were now off the main road to the town centre so it was quieter and so much easier to ride round and with the church having a lovely high steeple we had no problem keeping in the right direction. After 15 minutes we had arrived and straight away I was taken aback by the sheer beauty of the building, but before we could make our way inside we had to cool down and have an ice-cream. With ice creams in hand we sat on a bench outside the church soaking up the sun and feeling pleased with ourselves that we had decided to visit this beautiful city. IMG_3606

With our ice creams finished we made our into the church only to discover we weren’t allowed inside because of a wedding, we were somewhat disappointed but we could still climb up the steeple so all wasn’t lost. Our climb up the stairs began and to be honest it wasn’t that hard to start with but the higher we got; the steeper and narrower the stairs got; we found ourselves checking each stair case before we started climbing just in case anybody was coming because there was no way you could pass someone in some parts. We made our way into where the bells are and we were stunned. They looked stunning and the area was beautifully lit up. There was even a bed up there randomly.. we have no idea why though.. we can only assume it was for someone to ring the bells at night at some point in history. IMG_2482IMG_2461IMG_2466IMG_2462IMG_2459

As we climbed the stairs got steeper and steeper until it was more like climbing a ladder than a set of stairs, but as we got to the top of the ladder we were rewarded with stunning views of Copenhagen and on this perfectly clear day we could see for miles! IMG_3595

Now our climb began to give me the wobbles, we were now outside the church and twisting around the church steeple itself and the higher we climbed the tighter it became. My stomach was turning slightly but we were determined to reach the top and my god it was worth it. The view from the top took our breath away, I was speechless what a perfect little gem this was! Now all we had to do was negotiate our way down. IMG_2472IMG_2479IMG_2478IMG_2470IMG_2476IMG_3593IMG_3604IMG_3603

Safely at the bottom our stomaches started to rumble therefore it was time for some lunch and a Danish open sandwich was calling my name. Whist admiring the view at the top of the church we noticed we weren’t too far away from the river, so we decided to leave our bikes parked and have a little stroll to the river and see what was on offer. It didn’t take us long to notice a gorgeous little boat restaurant which enticed us in with it’s fabulous looking food and perfect location. After taking our seat it didn’t take us long to decide what we wanted and for me it was a Danish open sandwich with a pint of Carlsberg; I’m not normally a lager drinker but being in the home of Carlsberg it had to be done. As our food arrived my mouth was watering! It looked lush and I couldn’t wait to tuck in and I wasn’t disappointed, it was divine and it went perfectly with a pint of Carlsberg.

With our plates polished off we got into one of our meaning of life conversations and before we knew it, it was time to collect our bikes and make our way back to the apartment. The only thing left to do was a little food shop and this is something I never want to do again on a bike! At one point I genuinely was fearing for my life! Balancing carrier bags and a bike with no brakes was difficult enough but team that with a half blind idiot with no sense of direction.. it was a recipe for disaster! Luckily we made it back without any major injuries or accidents and with that day one was over, our first taste of Copenhagen had been a delight and we couldn’t wait for tomorrow to begin.


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  1. Thank you first of all for liking my blog, I so appreciate that. I just started following your blog and the pictures of Copenhagen are BREATHTAKING!!!!!. (I just read the first part after reading part two.) I can’t wait for your next posts. Happy and safe travels . Keep on blogging 😉 !

    1. No need to thank me, I enjoyed reading it! Thank you for your compliments I really appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoyed the photos they are thanks to my lovely photographer Steph! I shall be posting again soon thanks for reading 😊

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