Easter Weekend Road Trip Edinburgh

This Easter weekend we decided to have ourselves a little road trip, Berth needed to stretch her legs and me and Steph needed a well earned change of scenery. Our destination of choice was Edinburgh, 258 miles and 4 and half hours away. I had cleaned and filled Bertha up on my way back from work and the little old girl was raring to go. Our plan was to set off around 6 in the morning, but this is me and Steph and things very rarely go according to plan in our lives. Pressing snooze on our alarm multiple times meant we were now leaving at 8, two hours later than planned but not bad considering we had had a late one the night before. (that one is our friends fault!) The weather wasn’t the best but we still set off in high spirits. The miles clocked on as we listened to Scott Mills on the radio and before we knew it we had passed through Cheshire and were plodding down the M6.

If any of you have ever been on the M6 between Manchester and Carlisle you will know that this is one of the most dull and boring roads in the world. Luckily for me I had Steph for company so the conversation was flowing nicely and of course Bertha was a joy to drive. Before we knew it we were blasting through Carlisle and starting to feel the need for brunch, so with that in mind we stopped in Gretna Green. Now Gretna Green is only really famous for one thing……. People running away to get married and that’s pretty much it. We weren’t really in the mood to get married plus we weren’t dressed for the part so we decided just to have brunch. A motorway services brunch is never going to be anything to rave about, so I won’t do that I will just move on with the journey.

Back on the Motorway but rather than the boring English endless grey dullness, we were now in Scotland so we had rolling hills, stunning views and of course rain. With the rain coming and going and as always me and Steph entertaining each other we were soon leaving the motorway and heading down the  A702 through the town of Biggar which actually isn’t very big. We were now past Biggar and fast approaching Edinburgh so we had a quick brainstorm as to what to do first and we settled on attempting to climb to Arthurs Seat, which is basically an old volcano over looking the city. With the route now programmed into Sally Satnav we proceeded with our plan to ascend Arthurs Seat. The road was rough and Bertha was getting very grumpy but eventually we found our destination and began our climb.


Ok so we may have under estimated how tough a walk this was going to be.. the wind was howling and the incline was a killer. But we dug deep put our heads down and marched up as hard as we could. Feeling like we had made no progress we turned around just to see how far we had come and it wasn’t the wind that nearly knocked us over it was the view and we were nowhere near the top yet!6241719360_IMG_0879

Encouraged by the view we carried on with our march to the top, we could sense the weather was about to turn on us and in typical me and Steph style we weren’t really dressed for bad weather. Skinny jeans and a hoodie isn’t really what you want when a monsoon is coming. Ok so it wasn’t a monsoon.. I’m being a drama queen as always! Feeling tough and brave we pushed on regardless of what was coming our way. IMG_1849IMG_1850

After an hour and half of battling the elements we finally made it to the top, the only problem was that it turned out that we had walked up the wrong hill! Now we were at the top we could see Arthurs Seat and we had at least another mile and a half away and to make to would have top do some serious hill climbing. Not ones to give up easily we went for it and pushed on, now walking against the wind and our energy levels were being zapped. IMG_1858

30 minutes passed we looked up and Arthurs Seat seemed no closer, now the weather really was turning and Steph had totally lost control of her hair and was struggling to see. She was looking more like ‘Cousin It’ from the Adams Family now. Realising there was still a long way to go and by now I could no longer feel my ears we threw in the towel and decided to turn around and head back to Bertha. This did pose another problem though as we had no idea how to get back to Bertha! We had weaved through so many twists and turns that we were now somewhat confused. Luckily after surveying our surroundings I noticed a road to our right and I figured this must be the road Bertha was parked on. We proceeded down the road and a mere 15 minutes later we were back with Bertha. Somehow we had walked for over two hours and only managed to get 15 minutes away form Bertha. The only explanation for this must of been we somehow wondered into a parallel universe, either that or we are just a couple of bumbling idiots. 6241719360_IMG_0911IMG_3505

Back in the town centre we decided to go for a wander and one thing hit me straight away….. the bloody wind again! Being away from the hills I figured the wind would subside but as I now know, Edinburgh is one windy city. I never been but I think it could even rival Chicago for being the windy city. Anyway we decided to have a little stroll down the high street all the while the wind blowing us from side to side and then suddenly realising this is the longest high street in the world! It never seems to end. Having ventured into some of the shops we decided to veer off and walk down the side streets, this served two purposes: One we got a closer look at Edinburgh’s stunning architecture which is something not to be missed and Two; the buildings served as a very welcome wind breaker. At this point I would love to have put some pictures in but my hands had the shakes so taking a photo would of proved difficult.

Our back street wonders continued until we approached Jamie’s Italian, suddenly feeling a little peckish we ventured had a well earned sit down and pot of green tea. I have to say the restaurant itself is a lovely place to be in, tastefully decorated with a warm welcoming atmosphere. Unfortunately that’s the best I can say about it as the food wasn’t at it’s best and to be honest I would of enjoyed a simple Pizza Hut more. Leaving the restaurant feeling full but unsatisfied we carried on our walk only to find a Hard Rock Cafe not five minutes away! Being a music lover Hard Rock is one my favourite places to eat I was a little annoyed with myself for not holding out a bit longer. Deciding that is wasn’t a big deal and that it’s something for next time we carried on our walk and within no time we found ourselves back at the hotel and ready for a sleep. Edinburgh had been a great experience and yes some things hadn’t gone to plan (as usual) and at times we may have felt we had mild Hyperthermia but I wouldn’t change it for the world! Thank you Edinburgh.

All that was left to do was sleep and drive home, those details I won’t bore you with but, I will say this.. the journey back was one of the best In-Car Karaoke’s we have ever had. I’m sure James Corden would of been proud.

I wonder what our next road trip will bring?


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